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Dive liveaboard savings with SSI 훈련

홍해 침략자 III

홍해 침략자 III. (사진설명: 어그레서 어드벤처)

Scuba divers around the world who enrol on SSI speciality courses are promised US $300 (around £211) in travel vouchers for a future Aggressor Adventures liveaboard 휴일 – if they book the 훈련 between 1 and 15 June this year.

Eligible courses include EAN 32, Science of Diving, Equipment Techniques or any of SSI’s six Ecology programmes, while SSI professionals looking to obtain a speciality 강사 rating also qualify.

The credit applies to any Aggressor trip taken up to 15 June 2022, with no black-out travel dates, and can be redeemed on bookings made through SSI 훈련 centres, Aggressor or

25 월 2021

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다이버가 고래상어를 만지는 영상이 좋은 결과를 가져왔습니다 #스쿠버 #뉴스

냉수 조절 장치는 따뜻한 물에서 작동합니까? #askmark #스쿠버

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