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Sea and Sea는 SLR 하우징 라인업을 위해 5개의 새로운 피쉬아이 및 광각 돔 포트를 출시했습니다.

Each is manufactured from crystal glass and features Sea & Sea’s bayonet mount with security lock. The manufacturer’s internal correction lenses can be combined with some lenses. The Optical Dome Port 11 230 is a 230mm-diameter model said to be suited to shooting ambitious half-and-half shots, and costs £3330. The 11 165 is a mid-size dome priced at £1910, while the 11 100 is a compact model that comes in three versions for specific fisheye lenses, and is said to be good for travelling and wide-angle macro 사진술 – 이것은 £ 1366입니다.

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26 - 2 월 18

다이버가 고래상어를 만지는 영상이 좋은 결과를 가져왔습니다 #스쿠버 #뉴스

냉수 조절 장치는 따뜻한 물에서 작동합니까? #askmark #스쿠버

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